Industrial Sectors...

Our Temporary, Semi and Permanent buildings are found in wide variety of sectors...

All buildings can add a great deal of value to a business and/or ensure compliance - and the more permanent buildings can be designed to do almost anything a traditional building is used for. Here are just a few examples of the most common sectors to which our buildings are beneficial:


Large logistics an and out building.

The largest user of our services, this includes goods inward, warehousing, order fulfilment, picking, packing and distribution. Our customers love the speed, standard of service and cost of the facilities we provide – in fact a recent 3PL customer found we were both cheapest and provided the best product solution! Temporary warehouses and storage facilities can be built to a variety of designs, sizes and specifications and include integrated loading canopies and tunnels to other buildings. The popular aluminium framed structures provide a quick logistics facility but if you need a large (wide and/or tall) single span building, a better environment for goods and workers, or you are in a very windy location, you’ll need our steel buildings. Our sister company, Big Box Intralogistics, are experts at the fitting out, so together we offer a complete turnkey solution.


Photography of a Manufacturing Building built by BigBox Buildings.

Production facilities usually need higher-end buildings; a new factory or extension, machine and fabrication shops, assembly areas, production lines & pick-pack areas benefit from an insulated hard-wearing all-steel building. Steel frame buildings can be large enough to accommodate huge machinery, even overhead crane gantries and aside from lower running costs & no condensation from a superior level of insulation, they have far better fire resilience properties. Food & drink processing companies are significant users of such buildings as they can meet the strict BRC regulations, even MHRA pharmaceutical storage standards. And financially, a growing startup or SME can avoid committing major investment or the upheaval of relocating to a new site for the increased capacity they need.


Photograph of a BigBox Building used for Automotive purposes.

Cost effective facilities such as basic storage, valeting areas and workshops are ideal applications for temporary buildings, although longer term installations may benefit from an all steel building, especially from a security and, if customer-facing, aesthetic perspective. We can supply workshops large enough for surface-mounted ramps, pits and hoists to accommodate the largest commercial vehicles (even tipper trailers) with ample space to work on, in and over them. We also offer high-end customer facilities such as showrooms and service centres for dealers and specialists. These are essentially the same structure type with more glass, windows, doors, skylights etc, perhaps as a bespoke design including add-on workshops and canopies.

Retail & wholesale

Photograph of a BigBox Buildings Building used for the storage of Building Supplies.

Again a wide range of possibilities for sectors including (but not limited to) Building Supplies and Garden Centres, from just a yard-covering canopy to high care warehouse facilities (racked or stacked, ambient & chilled) and customer retail-grade facilities.  We can look after internal & external fit-out, for example weatherproof racking for stock and pre-bagged materials.


Photograph of a BigBox Building adapted for a Waste Recycling Project.

...find temporary buildings highly useful. These can be aluminium framed structures for speed of deployment or steel-framed if a larger or stronger unit is needed. Very often a simple two or three-sided canopy will suffice and we can build on or around materials bays. However where a more specialised facility is needed, e.g. to deal with noxious fumes, odours or noise pollution, an insulated all-steel building can work best. We can fit ventilation/extraction, monitoring & alarm systems if required.


Photograph of a Building used as a Aircraft Hanger Workshop.

Quite a size mix in this sector from massive hangars and quay-side covered bulk storage (even incorporating crane gantries) to more standard-sized warehouses and smaller workshops, perhaps end customer-grade facilities. Our buildings can have a major role to play due to their lower cost, speed and ease of install - temporary solutions ideal for the smaller & quicker needs and our steel-framed buildings, with as much or little PVC as required (a large steel frame building with all PVC covers can be the cheapest and best solution), easily scale up and provide the strength necessary for such windy places.

With sufficient planning our experienced project management team can provide almost any facility in a relatively short period of time that will totally satisfy your present and future needs...


Building Options

Lack of space can adversely affect the development of your business. Big Box Buildings provide temporary, semi and permanent buildings as a lower cost, lower risk, swifter build realistic option...


Temporary buildings are popular, quick and versatile whereas our more permanent buildings will do almost anything a traditional building can be used for. We offer a full turn-key solution if required, including integration with existing buildings, ground-works, no-leak guarantee and wide range of fixtures and fittings...

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