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Hospitality, Events & Venues

Photograph of a BigBox Building designed as a Hospitality Suite at an Hotel.

By using more glass and features like door canopies, indoor fittings and decorations we can offer visually and economically attractive solutions for high-end hospitality, event venues, event management & marquee rental companies. Multiple purpose facilities for every occasion including Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) at a hotel suite, trade centre, sports, country and club house ... or just an affordable but robust and quality marquee (for clarity, we offer structures for purchase, outright or Lease, on a B2B basis to event providers; we don't rent out the structures for events ourselves).


Photograph of a children in a classroom environment.

As well as our more standard uses of storage and workshops etc, sports facilities, schools, colleges and universities can make good use of our buildings as temporary or more permanent classroom facilities, lecture halls, laboratories, studios, common rooms and even libraries. Possibly as short term facilities but also as cost effective and quick long term solutions, fully compliant with Building Regulations. And in more recent times, socially distanced facilities such as canteens & dining halls etc.


Photograph of hangers in a retail environment.

Temporary buildings are often deployed as retail facilities, for example for seasonal spikes or during renovations / rebuilds.  We can accommodate a wide range of retail types; wholesale, supermarkets, white and brown goods, DIY/home improvements, car dealerships etc. Our all-steel exterior buildings make a viable high quality, cost-effective alternative and a long term option to traditional build.

General Sports Facilities

Photograph of an Inflatable Building in use for Football.

With as many design changes as best suited, including more glass windows, doors and skylights to our standard designs or a complete change to an inflated dome for example, our buildings make excellent sports halls & facilities. We can offer the open plan building shell or it can be internally partitioned, fully fitted and equipped with a suitable sports floor. Our standard steel frame design has no internal wires found in many standard temporary buildings. We can offer open pitches and courts if an enclosed structure isn’t needed.

Gyms, Leisure & Sports Clubs/ Centres

Building and facilities for a Gyms.

In an urban setting our all-steel exterior sports buildings are probably more suitable. If a secure site is available then temporary buildings can be a great, budget-pleasing fit. Our semi/permanent buildings can be scaled up to sports centre size and designed for long term use. Or we can supply a temporary building during a renovation, during rebuild or whilst waiting for a traditional build project to complete (or funding raised) – an ideal stop gap. In fact many customers keep their temporary building as they find it works for their needs.


Photograph of a swimmer under water.

Pools can be housed in temporary buildings but significant condensation forms on the PVC roof. To eliminate that, especially if the facility is needed longer term, our all-steel panel buildings are ideal, considerably more cost effective than a traditional building and require much less heating than if temporary buildings are used.

With sufficient planning our experienced project management team can provide almost any facility in a relatively short period of time that will totally satisfy your present and future needs...


Building Options

Lack of space can adversely affect the development of your business. Big Box Buildings provide temporary, semi and permanent buildings as a lower cost, lower risk, swifter build realistic option...


Temporary buildings are popular, quick and versatile whereas our more permanent buildings will do almost anything a traditional building can be used for. We offer a full turn-key solution if required, including integration with existing buildings, ground-works, no-leak guarantee and wide range of fixtures and fittings...

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