Features and Accessories for Temporary, Semi and Permanent Buildings...

Extensions & Links

Photography of a building extension and a tunnel link from BigBox Buildings.

When you’ve outgrown your existing facilities and have available space on site we can help extend your facility to the size now needed. Whilst many would call our building a warehouse extension, it’s actually freestanding, with a ‘tunnel’ link between the existing and the new, providing an integrated 'extension'. in some circumstances we can really extend an existing building i.e. with no gap between.

Windows & Doors

Photo of a the doors and windows in a temporary building.

Large and small windows and doors, with or without glazing and security grilles etc are available. We believe in fit-for-purpose rather than a one size fits all policy, so bespoke windows, doors and controls are yours to choose.


Photograph of a mezzanine.

We can provide a custom designed mezzanine floor within your building, allowing you multiple purpose & floor layouts e.g. office space above an operational storage area or equipped workshop.

Internal Fittings

Photo of a fully fitted out warehouse.

Thanks to our intralogistics sister company & partners we can offer an in-house turnkey solution. We have a wide and varied range of fittings, fixtures and features available including lighting, climate control (heated for habitation, chilled storage etc), ducting, access barriers and storage shelving/racking, docking solutions...

Signage, fencing, gates

Photo of safety signage.

We can fence and/or sign an area, even brand the whole building both internally and externally. This can include directional and health & safety signs as well as external roof branding and wall fascias. All these features & options are available separately or as part of a full fit out turnkey solution.


Photography of an Internal Partitioned Wall in Temporary Building.

It’s cheaper to provide a larger building shell and create several smaller facilities by using partitions. Our standard building design allows internal divisions between the building uprights using the same wall materials. For example a 20m x 120m building can easily be subdivided into three 20x40m units. Or a recessed gable wall could allow, for example, for a 20x20m loading area in front of a 2000m2 warehouse. And we can work with third parties to provide bespoke internal partitioning according to precise zoning and room requirements

Fire Resilience

Photo of a Fire Sprinkler System

If you need fire resilience then you need our more-Permanent buildings. Our standard cladding (roof gables and walls) uses PIR filling rather than the more common, cheaper and flammable PUR, but we also offer mineral wool panels for enhanced fire retardancy, with a range of specifications and thicknesses according to building design, purpose, Building & insurance Regulations (e.g. LPCB certification). Our steel frame buildings can also support the weight of a sprinkler / fire suppression system to give control over a fire if required. Whilst temporary buildings can have the mineral wool sandwich panels and/or treated boards, the PVC roof is almost always the first to burn in a fire, so offers very little realistic protection.

Healthy & Safety

Photograph of warehouse safety floor markings and barriers.

We offer a range of internal and entrance safety features such as bollards, barriers, fences and netting etc. We can also discuss with you specialist materials for partitions and floors and, if you have or need one, the mezzanine. Safety signage can be supplied so that your building is operational from day one.


Photograph of a covered access tunnel.

A retractable tunnel is a surprisingly useful addition to our buildings and serve a wide variety of purposes in their own right, from covered transit (people, components, goods, vehicles) to truly temporary cover/storage to movable facilities which are only deployed when needed - ideal for busy sites without an abundance of 'spare space'. Then there's the crafty but perfectly legal workaround to Planning; for whatever reason some customers just don't want to go down the council compliance route and so, if they have a temporary structure (that's collapsed and moved away to a different location when it's use is finished, i.e. <28 days), there's no need for Planning. We'll happily talk you through any of these points and more!

With sufficient planning our experienced project management team can provide almost any facility in a relatively short period of time that will totally satisfy your present and future needs...


Building Options

Lack of space can adversely affect the development of your business. Big Box Buildings provide temporary, semi and permanent buildings as a lower cost, lower risk, swifter build realistic option...


Temporary buildings are popular, quick and versatile whereas our more permanent buildings will do almost anything a traditional building can be used for. We offer a full turn-key solution if required, including integration with existing buildings, ground-works, no-leak guarantee and wide range of fixtures and fittings...

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