Temporary & long term buildings for industrial applications including warehousing, workshops, production, loading ... and Filming, Commercial, Leisure, Education...

Big Box Buildings are based in Yorkshire and supply clients the full length of the UK, off shore and beyond...

Formed January 2019 we have already carved a niche in the temporary & long term industrial buildings sector with a wide portfolio & integrated approach

Whether it’s a warehouse or factory extension, a time limited onsite storage facility or a specialist/bespoke design building, we can supply safe, reliable, cost-effective and faster buildings, UK nation wide (including isles/islands).

Here are some of the reasons why we stand out from our competitors:

Comprehensive Approach

We offer both aluminium & steel frame systems and both temporary & very long term design buildings (not disguising one as the other). Most competitors offer either aluminium or steel, temporary or permanent. Just one type - and the popular aluminium framed ‘temporary buildings’ simply do not suit all situations. We offer these, steel structures and a wide range of options, so we’ll recommend a solution which is truly fit for its intended purpose and best value. We understand the need to keep it simple, but that's not always the best for everyone, so we can also do details and complicated because that's how life (and business) so often is, whether we like it or not.

Fair Trading

As well as striving to provide the best value products we pride ourselves on old fashioned principles like honesty (and a prompt, courteous service), even if that’s no longer normal. We know that a deal works best when it's attractive for everyone. One example is when an ex rental customer subsequently wants to purchase that building. We will offset a fair portion of the rental already paid against the purchase price, or reduce the monthly charge if the customer wants to keep it post rental term. We'll usually offer a ‘buy back’ on buildings no longer required - and often consider a part exchange, even on 3rd party buildings (of a similar design) against ours. If this sounds boringly ordinary & reasonable, none of this is standard in our industry; please check before you sign!

Fully Inclusive Price

There’s no unexpected follow-up invoice from us. We include all costs in our comprehensive quote even for things like plant hire or third party expenses (or highlight any possible conditional extras). What we quote is what you pay. If there happens to be something not included it will very clearly appear in the 'big print' of the proposal. If you want a single point of billing, e.g. to include Planning permission, racking, signage, lighting etc, we can do all that, in-house. We also offer many features & options for the same price, e.g. colours, extended gutters & downpipes, wider doors, ground level steel flashing - and we always include cheaper options in a quote, aiming to maximise your budget.

Specification and Options

Noone needs read more than a couple of pages of our quotes which start with a summary of the recommended or discussed options, but for those wanting detail and options they go on to list upgrade and downgrade possibilities and illustrated details of components because we aim for “no surprises”.
We'll always advise on how a given building/specification is likely to perform in a given location - and whilst ground-works will often be beneficial (for example in managing rain water), they are often not necessary, even for a top of the range heavy weight all-steel building - we can often retro-fit to an existing concrete slab.

Quality and Choice of Finish

We do a number of things after the ‘basic installation’, which often get omitted by others. For example we will fit stronger & larger pedestrian doors, brushes under the doors and steel flashing over and around doors, directing water away. We also fit steel flashing at ground level as its better cosmetically and also helps direct rainwater away. With all but the most basic finish (economy available if needed), our sealing makes the buildings more water proof and uniquely we offer a “no leak guarantee” (with 10 year warranty on buildings). It is this attention to detail that sets us apart.


Most words here are understandably about business performance, but our own is important too. We'll happily produce testimonials, reference site visits and welcome challenges and projects and requests for add-ons which others turn away. So many call themselves experts - we prefer a humbler, hubris-free, fact based hard working approach.

And in addition to the important points above, we are often the most competitive on price - please get in touch, give us a try!


The Factory...

The Big Box Buildings Factory

Our experienced manufacturer partner's factory and design studio work to produce our aluminium and steel framed buildings in the shortest time possible, usually rivalling the lead times of our larger competitors, with great attention to detail and quality, as well as welcoming bespoke shapes, bespoke sizes and specifications.

Building Options

Lack of space can adversely affect the development of your business. Big Box Buildings provide temporary, semi and permanent buildings as a lower cost, lower risk, swifter build realistic option...


Temporary buildings are popular, quick and versatile whereas our more permanent buildings will do almost anything a traditional building can be used for. We offer a full turn-key solution if required, including integration with existing buildings, ground-works, no-leak guarantee and wide range of fixtures and fittings...

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With over 25 years experience in the sector, Big Box Intralogistics are uniquely placed to offer advice, guidance and knowledge on every aspect of intralogistics, from initial facility design to final implementation, including the choice of handling equipment right through to automation and eCommerce fulfilment solutions.

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