Industrial Uses for Temporary & Permanent Buildings


Photograph of a couple of hardstanding warehouses built by BigBox Buildings.

The most common use is covering an underused yard space to become an extended or new, cheap warehouse. If you need this quickly then an aluminium framed, PVC roofed temporary building is usually best - or with a steel frame if you need wider or taller (even to 60m single span and 14m eaves) - or more permanent or stronger, due to location or intended usage for example. Our highest standard with an all-steel exterior (and frame) satisfies the most demanding needs - specifications, security and strength. And if you don’t have the available space on-site, we can build according to your specific needs off-site, becoming a cheaper option than renting a commercial unit, if you commit for several years.

Goods In/Out

Photograph of the interior of a goods in/out warehouse built by BigBox Buildings.

Usually found with a basic PVC roof, a straight forward roof only canopy makes an excellent covered loading area.  As with enclosed buildings, we can make almost any size (and even shape) needed to best suit your site and allow many vehicles to be loaded/unloaded at the same time.  Apart from allowing considerably larger sizes, steel frames are better suited to canopies than aluminium frames due to the significantly stronger design (steel structures are specifically designed for their particular intended purpose and location whereas aluminium are ‘off the shelf’). Aluminium structures also get very noisy in high winds, particularly as canopies whereas steel frames make nice and quiet places to work in!


Photograph of a Semi-Permanent Building fitted for Workshop Use.

Although often erected as a ‘temporary building’ (with a PVC roof) for speed, an all-steel building makes a far better insulated workshop environment, condensation free with lower running costs. We’ve seen these buildings used as workshops in a wide range of applications from vehicle valeting /servicing to manufacturing/assembly areas and machine shops to full factory manufacturing environments.

Production Facilities

Warehouse Production Line Photograph

Available as standalone units but often built as an integrated factory extension, larger facilities and usually more suited to an all-steel exterior. Our steel framed buildings can be large enough to accommodate machinery, production lines, assembly plants and overhead crane gantries.  Any serious industrial process needs an appropriate working environment and that needs an all-steel building.

Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Photograph of a Fire Damaged Warehouse.

As a business develops the need for BCP (Business Continuity Planning) grows. Whether it’s considering an accident, fire or a natural disaster, business needs to be protected, prepared and able to respond. Our buildings make an excellent base for an emergency plan (public sector as well as private). Temporary buildings can be installed quickly if needed, or for those blessed with the foresight, perhaps shared with other organisations, we can store all essential equipment under SLA for very rapid deployment to meet business critical requirements. This includes our other supplementary services e.g. racking, pallet handling, fittings etc.  Perhaps even a higher standard business-ready standby building. Or, reactively, we can work quickly and directly with insurance companies and councils if the worst happens. So be sure to speak to us if you’re formulating a BCP / recovery plan!

More Specialized & Bespoke Applications

An example of a large bespoke BigBox building.

In many cases it’s possible to consider a Temporary or more Permanent building instead of a traditional new build or renting an off-site commercial building, with significant time and cost savings. Talk to us; we’ll be completely honest and help you calculate which options will be best for you!  

With sufficient planning our experienced project management team can provide almost any facility in a relatively short period of time that will totally satisfy your present and future needs...


Building Options

Lack of space can adversely affect the development of your business. Big Box Buildings provide temporary, semi and permanent buildings as a lower cost, lower risk, swifter build realistic option...


Temporary buildings are popular, quick and versatile whereas our more permanent buildings will do almost anything a traditional building can be used for. We offer a full turn-key solution if required, including integration with existing buildings, ground-works, no-leak guarantee and wide range of fixtures and fittings...

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