Covid – 19 Sanitary Gate

Photography of a Semi-Permanent Building.

To help those who want to reduce the chance of infection in these difficult times we have created a solution for use by businesses, retailers, the health services and public bodies.

We have designed and produced a tunnel that can sanitise people and equipment as they enter a building or facility. It is especially important now and in the future to ensure hygiene precautions are in place to prevent the spread of dangerous viruses. By carrying this process out at point of entry to a building, facility or warehouse you reduce the chance of transmittable illnesses.

Sanitary Gate, the name given to this sanitisation system, is a complete self contained removable product which can be installed at the entrance of public offices, pharmacies, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, ports, stations.  The tunnel acts as a containment area for atomized liquid spray providing a saturated environment for people, goods and vehicles. This makes it possible to sanitise skin, clothing and surfaces even if they are not directly exposed to spray nozzles. This cuts down the chance of passing on infection, keeping people safe at point of entry or further down the supply chain. 
Available for delivery in the short term, if you feel this is something you would like to look at further please get in touch using our contact enquiry form.
We also do a queue shelter for ongoing social distancing restrictions (but keeping customers dry & welcome) - and a wide range of 'usual circumstances' tunnels (fixed or retracting, on rails or portable), canopies, lean-tos, awnings and of course buildings.

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